Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What the Hell...

Well, I suppose everyone's read Lizzie's little...post, I guess is the proper way of putting it.

I'm seriously considering bringing the shrink in. This is outside my area of expertise.

Maybe once it's all over. Last time I dragged someone into our personal business the guy went missing a week after.

I just don't know...

“Angel of death.” That keeps getting thrown around over and over. But I remember the angel of death from Bible studies, and this doesn't seem like it. The angel of death was sent down by God to punish the sinners and pave the way for the true believers, or some shit like that. Sodom and Gomorrah, the Final Plague, all that. Each time the angel was used it was to make some sort of religious point.

There's no religious point here. People are getting taken for...what? Some sick game...or something worse?

Alright, think, Zeke, think. There's gotta be something else there, something you're missing...

Well...hypothetically, if there IS a Slender Man...he's no angel of death. Maybe he can be viewed as that, but from what I've gathered from the Marble Hornets videos, he doesn't seem to have a specific goal. He just fucks with people and takes them.

I don't think it's for a purpose.

I think he just does it because that's all he knows how to do.

The last couple of days, he's been creeping into my mind, and as much as I hate the idea of it...there's something going on here that I can't explain, and I've run out of rational possibilities. This whole case has just been one mind trip after another, and Conaghan can't be responsible for everything...

I still don't believe. Not fully. But the logical solutions are getting fewer and fewer, and the paranormal ideas are growing.

And if by some random, unholy possibility that it IS him...can one little stick figure with a gun be enough to stop him?


  1. Zeke, there can't be a slenderman, there just can't, think logically, go back to lizzie post, is there any warehouse you may know of?

    And I have yet to meet anything that doesn't hurt when you shoot him, don't fear, If someone has the balls to do it, it's you man.

  2. You should get her out of there Zeke.

  3. Zeke, I recommend you keep him in mind as a possibility, but not to let it affect you much. He plays on peoples fear of him. The more you fear him, the more he can do. Perhaps the gun isn't so much a specific person such as the idea that you can't fear him...

  4. I've been afraid of a lot of things in my life, but I am NOT afraid of him. He's becoming a possibility, but if he thinks he can make me fear him, he's got another think coming to him.

    She doesn't want to leave. I keep telling her my place is easier to recover in (not to mention I'll sleep easier), but she refuses, and in the state she's in, I don't know if I want to move her against her will.

    Conaghan's got so many warehouses in this city he could form his own town out of them. I'm going to call in to the chief, have units check out each one thoroughly until we find the one that Eric's in.

  5. Zeke, Lizzie's going through a lot now, she isn't in any way capable of making her own decisions as of now. Get her out of there, it's for the best of both of you.

    Slenderman doesn't exist Zeke, get him out of your mind and focus on Lizzie. Just forget about him and you'll be OK, remember, "the mind sees what it wants to see" (or something like that).

    Good luck, man.

  6. Zeke.

    I only have one thing to say, but if Slenderman is involved in this, and he does come for her, don't let him take her, if there is not choice, kill her. It will probably be better, she might be tortured, and from the sounds of it, she thinks she's going to die anyway.

    I'm sure if she was going to die, she would rather die with you.

  7. Zeke you mentioned last post there was a camera that Lizzie used to mess around with. Generally people who can't cope with something strange,horrific, or major do things that make them able to cope. I recall I used to record myself in personal vlogs or stupid videos when I needed to vent about what was going on maybe she has videos stored away somewhere that can maybe give you some clues or insight into what shes doing and it may help you monitor her when you can't keep a close watch on her. I hope it helps, maybe you can gain some insight into what may have caused her current state, maybe theirs a personal blog that's protected or something of the sort as well. I'm not saying you should go through her things but the state she's in something had to have caused it and if she won't elaborate well sometimes you have to poke around to get facts.

  8. Bit late to all this, but it all sounds immensely tragic. The use of an Internet joke as a source for a murderous rampage is insane on a level I can't comprehend. Conaghan's a madman, and I don't buy his "He told me too" schtick for a moment. There is no Slender Man.

    And this is going to sound harsh, even inhuman, but while you need to be there for Lizzie and protect her, don't let her drag you down with her. If the pressures of the job are getting to her this much, she may need help that you can't give her. If it gets too bad, consider the professionals. Just make sure she doesn't do anything rash and, if Conaghan does have a partner, that she stays safe.

  9. I believe that the most likely idea is that Conaghan has a partner, but it can't explain the drawings that span across the victims (unless, of course, they were planted there); any explanation that fits for the victims probably does not apply to Lizzie, however. I do believe she can be helped, however; the time for threnodies is not now.

    But if one does assume that there is such a being as detailed in the drawings... hm. One must wonder why Conaghan is apparently among his chosen. After all, if one chooses to drag Conaghan's name through the mud, you'll probably clean it more then dirty it.

  10. Oh, hi Damien.

    I know you read and kept up to date on this blog, but i didn't know yu posted. i wonder if this was before Ted's death. Dear god i hope so.

    I also hope that near the end of you, that you didn't keep posting here. Because whatever happened to you, whether real or not, i dont think you were right in the mental sense near the end.

  11. Aw damn, look at Damien O'Connor, posting in happier times. That was the same day he first went out with Amelia. RIP.

    I know I'm way late to this party, but I'm catching up as we speak. I hope to god it ends better for you than it did for Damien, Zeke. You seem to be made of sterner stuff.

  12. you guys realize this is fake right?

    1. Yes. Thank you, Captain Obvious, for being a killjoy.

  13. Oh, a crossover? Maybe I should check out this Damien guy's blog...

    And Liam, most of us know Slenderman isn't real, but horrible crimes have been commited by lunatics who believe in the impossible. Thats probably whats happening here.

    Maybe that "X" guy that used to post here. I keep telling you Ezekiel, you shouldn't put so many details in these blogs. Whoevers doing this can easily know what you're planning!

    1. Oh for the love of...

      I know I'm talking to ghosts, but I want this down for future reference:

      This Blog Is Done. Yes, we all know Slenderman isn't real, kthx. The bad guys aren't real guys. The commentors can't see anything you say, because this shit is old, yo. Neither can Zeke. Zeke ain't here, man, Zeke ain't here.

      If you're not going to say something productive to the story, like how amazingly well written it is, or how much you've enjoyed it, don't comment. You detract from the story and make yourself look like a Goddamn retard.

      As for the author of this blog (because we all know you aren't your character), THANK YOU FOR WRITING SOMETHING SO CAPTIVATING AND WORTHY OF THE NET FAME IT HAS ACCUMULATED.