Monday, May 24, 2010

I don't have much time.

My part in all of this is almost over.

And then Zeke will be all alone.

Conaghan's just the pawn.

I'm just the bait.

HE doesn't care about either of us.

HE has been after Zeke for a long time.

HE gave up once Zeke wasn't afraid anymore.

But HE is coming back now.

Once I'm gone, HE will go after Zeke.

Conaghan can be killed.

But that may not be best.

Because once he's gone, then there is nothing standing between Zeke and HIM.

Listen, my friends...after I am gone, help Zeke.

He will need help after I am dead.

He will need to know there are people with him.

People who can help him.

Eric is still alive.

Find Conaghan and you find Eric.

It's all in the same place.

Open the door, and you will find them.

The warehouse...that is where it will happen.

That is where it will all end.

I will go first.

Help him, please.

Don't let the angel of death come for him.

He's the only one who has ever protected me.

The only one who ever loved me.

Don't let him share my fate.

I don't want to die...


  1. Jesus Crist. Lizzie? ARe you there?

    Zeke, if you're reading this, then find Lizzie. I think the sleep deprivation and stress have driven her into an agitated state of suicidal depression. She needs sleep and psychological treatment SOON.

    Stay safe and watch your back.
    - Lifegospel

  2. I agree. There's a time to let people be who they are, and there's a time to intervene. Now is the time to intervene.

  3. What the fuck...?

    She's upstairs sleeping, she barely leaves the laptop is downstairs...when did she...

    Jesus Christ...this is going too far. What is going on in that girl's mind?

  4. Please, Zeke, don't leave her side. For everyones sake. It may also be smart to keep a camera on you and her. In case you mysteriously pass out. Say from gases, sleep, or mythical beings.

  5. She wasn’t actually at the computer and she posted this?

    …I second the idea that you should have a camera on you at all times. This is getting a bit strange, even for a psychiatric case like Lizzie’s, and a bit of video evidence that you could reference if something weird like this happens would be good to have around.

  6. Maybe she came down when I was on my patrol around the house? I wasn't gone that long, though...I guess I was gone long enough.

    I don't have a camera, I've never thought I'd ever need one. Lizzie might have one, she used to always screw around with it...haven't seen it in a while, though.

  7. That BETTER not have actually been Liz posting.

  8. I kind of hope it wasn't Liz, Shadow. Because it sounds way too hopeless to be her...