Monday, June 7, 2010

Conaghan took off. Fortunately, he didn't get very far. Intel says he's holed up in one of his warehouses, off the corner of Hope and Rutland Streets.

We're going in to take him down. My bet is, that's where he's got Eric too. Like Lizzie said, we find him, we find Conaghan, we hopefully end this thing. I'm optimistic about it; I'm ready to go back to life as per normal.

Lizzie wants to come too, but I'm putting my foot down. Yeah, she's gotten better in the last week since our talk, and if she hadn't freaked out this morning, I probably would have considered it, but since she did, I'm not letting her go within a hundred feet of the place. She pouted and protested, but I gave her a look that said if she didn't listen to me, I was going to tape her to her bed. So she finally agreed to at least stay at the station while we went.

Let's just finish this shit up already. I'll post when we've got the slimeball.


  1. Wait... Did... Did you leave Lizzie alone at the station?

    I mean, she's got guards or something, right? Someone is clearly after her.

  2. Zeke! Don't be just another fool! You can't have Lizzie with anyone but you! If she is, they'll black out like before, and HE will get her.

  3. If "he" is coming to get her anyway, then Zeke's presence would do naught to stop him. The only way to stop "him" would be to find a particularly large safe. Made of materials that mean it could last if you fired a rocket at it. Then locked yourself in there. With a few tanks of oxygen, at the most.

    Regardless, I wish you luck in getting your man, Mr. Strahm; this should not be too difficult if all goes as it should.

  4. Oh geeeeez! I know I'm 8 months late but BE CAREFUL AT THE WHAREHOUSE!!!

  5. So "his servant" is Conaghan? Odd that she would panic so much about him. He seemed like a crazy old man to me.

  6. Crazy, old men generally are the most dangerous, creative, cunning and intelligent bastards you can possibly run into in any world and any setting, Kritanakom!