Monday, June 28, 2010

Drink drink drink drink drink drink drink drink drink drink DRUNK

Wheeeeeeeeee, gotta luv tha gin. Ah luv mah gin.

Ah...ah normally dun drink it, bu...fuggit, yookno?


Oh heeeeeeeeeeey, Mr. Slendy-Face, thar yooooooo arah, peekin thwo mah window. Whydontcha join the part-ay, man? Have a drink, on meh....


Ah seen tha commens...“OPEN THA DOOR, ZEEK!” an all that. its THAT eeeeeeasy. It aint. It aint. It aint that easy. Yoo dont kno. Yoo THUBNK yoo kno. But yoo dont kno.

Here, Mr. Slendy-Face, pull up a chaih and has a drinky-poo on tha house.

Ya kno...honest...honestly...i dun laake yoo. Yoo killed mah Lizzie...Ah luved mah Lizzie, she was mah...mah only one, and yoo jut wehn yoo killed her. Yoo kill E-wick too? Ah bet yoo did, ah bet yoo killed E-wick tooo...

Mahbe ah sho...sho...should kill YOO. How bout that? Hows bout ah blow yoor fuggin head off? Yoo like that? Yoo like that ah blows yoor fuggin head off? Ah think yood like that...

Ahm gunna do that. Ahm gonna blow yoor fuggin head off. Juuuuust yoooooooooooooooooooo waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiitttttttt...



  1. You're a fucking pussy. You're not going to blow anyone's head off, you're just going to sit in your house, crying into your liquor like the little bitch that you are.

    What can you expect from someone who has a goofy name like Ezekiel though?

  2. Johnathan's right man. You're so fucked you loser, and you know you deserved it.

  3. Move to another town if he's so close he can look into your window. If you don't do that I'd say you'll be dead soon.

    Estimated time until death: 2 weeks.

  4. Get your act together, Zeke. Seriously. Come on, if he's looking into your window, stop getting drunk and focus.

  5. I don't suck ass. Zeke sucks ass.

    Seriously? Why doesn't he get off his ass and do something about it? If he really thinks he is going to die, he should just go out and at least try to find some answers instead of just sitting around waiting to die.

    He's acting like a fucking pussy, at it pisses me off cause I thought he was a badass.

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  7. *cyber slaps* PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER, MAN!!!

  8. Slurred and stuttered typing? Sorry, but that breaks suspension of disbelief for me.

  9. Ben:

    He's probably not drunk- chemically speaking- he's just under the impression that he should be. And he expresses that through his typing.

    It's pretty common. Placebo effect multiplied by six, is a way to look at it.

    His mind is so frayed I wouldn't put it past him.

  10. Jon. I saw you post on Damiens blog. You were the most constructive person there.

    Therefore, i can safely say that i know your just trying to snap him out of it with insults.

    And, im guessing it worked.

    At least i hope so.