Sunday, June 13, 2010

He's staring at me, right through my window.

He thinks I don't see Him, but I do. I'm sitting in my living room, on my laptop, the only sound being the hamster spinning in his wheel, and now His face is just peeking through my window like a neighbor wondering if he could borrow a cup of sugar.

It's like looking at a full moon on a cloudless night. In the dark, He glows a bright yellow, and its effects are both eerie and somewhat soothing if you have no idea what He's doing.

But I know.

Because I hear this voice in my head, telling me to come out. “Come out,” it tells me, “come to me.” I never knew He could talk to you, but apparently He can.

I don't move. I just sit in my chair, laptop in my lap, glass of wine next to me, and I stare back. Stare Him down. My eyes don't leave His face, and His head tilts in that curious fashion, as though He finds me an odd specimen.

I feel like I'm staring right at the lion that wants me for dinner. Now I can understand why so many people fear Him; He has that kind of effect on people. Again and again, I can hear that voice in my head, saying the same thing over and over and over: “Come to me. Come out.”

And every single time I just mentally-and verbally- send Him the same retort:

“Fuck you.”


  1. My God.

    I don’t know what you want us to say to that.

    That… Holy shit, he’s actually there? Right in your line of sight? Not coming in after you, or… Or anything?

    What they hell are you even feeling right now?

  2. Well, Zeke, you're not the first, and, unless you kill him, you won't be the last.

    We will probably never know if he got you unless you post again, but if you do manage to get away, please let us know how you did it. It would be very helpful to anyone else who ... has this problem.

  3. Wellll, judging from the fact that he can type about him, he's okay. For now, anyway: perhaps Mr. Thin is interested in Mr. Strahm, hence the lack of death. Or he cannot hurt him for some reason.

    Regardless, I recommend calmness in this situation. Getting, ah-ha, angry and frustrated will never help. Regardless, the "fuck you" approach is no doubt the correct way to go about things.

    "I will not fear; fear is the mind-killer..."

  4. Man, you have to be the most badass motherfucker ever to get stalked by Him. I gotta give you props.

  5. I told you the whole time he was going to come. You didn't listen to me, and now you're damned. He'll find a way in, and your life will end. Still, best of luck.

  6. I don't see the point in telling you people said he was to come, because honestly I was skeptical it was him, what is the point in saying something when it was obvious that logic ruled over at the time. For your part though I truly hope you stay safe, perhaps facing him on rather than running away will work better we never know. We also don't know what video does with him so maybe the video could be a good thing if not maybe just still photos for evidence of him there so you don't forget. Think with logic though, Zeke don't let him get to your head that's when things start to go downhill. If all fails search the darkest corners of the internet maybe there were things missed information wise that could help you with him? There are so many different versions out there that there has to be something that could possibly help you outside of the well known things.

  7. Sounds like a right real asshole. Just don't get the urge to start drawing scrawling sketch-books full of garbled crap, huh?

    Can you gauge this against the others? Were there relatively rational but pissed off or scared parts in sketchbooks and journals? Any hints on what you can expect from here to help combat it?

  8. Ok, that's it. You need to go back to the warehouse and see what's behind the giant metal door. The one you shot at before you heard the scream. Right before you saw HIM. Obviously he was trying to protect it, or whatever was behind it. Or Lizzie's death scream and his sudden appearance was VERY coincidental.

    I'm not going to lie. Its proubably ridiculously dangerous to do this. But maybe you'll learn something useful. Better than sitting at home waiting to lose the rest of your mind. Go during the day, stay safe.

  9. Elizabeth certainly has the right idea. I hope you followed it Zeke.

    I know there are entry's through December, so you're pretty bad ass to survive that long after seeing him. Hope you're still fighting the good fight my man.

  10. This is gonna get as crazy as those Journals, isn't it?
    I don't think I want to read any more...