Friday, June 25, 2010

Little Miss Lizzie
was having a tizzy
while eating her curds and whey.
A long Slender spider
tried to sat down beside her
but then I came and blew the fucker away

...That's the story I'm working on right now.

It's still a rough draft, but...I don't know, I think it has a nice ring to it, don't you?



  1. Zeke!

    Get your act together, man! Get out there, and go back to that door! Blow Him away some other time! You need to find out what's behind the door!

    He's been giving you shit since you were a kid. Going behind that door will screw up whatever he's got planned. Time for some payback.

  2. Look..... I think you're right to not go to the door. You are obviously afraid, and in pain. Take a few days, then decide. Live or die. But do it soon, your time is running thin....

    Although that is a nice poem.

  3. Zeke, man, pull your shit together. I've been following your blog for a while now and you've never seemed like the sort of person to crack, even when the shit hits the fan. I really hope this is just a temporary loss of mind, because you need to ice this prick. Also, what happened with your gun going off?

  4. Zeke? What the fuck has happened to you?

    You used to be a total bad ass. Now you're acting like some crazy bitch.

    Are you afraid of the Slender Man or something? Why the fuck have you just sat in your house looking at the bastard?

    You've made it pretty obvious you have nothing to live for. So stop being a bitch, get out of your house, and either find Conahgen and pay him back for what he did to the woman you love or go back to that warehouse and open the fucking door so you can finish this bullshit.

  5. For just a second, I thought that you were getting somewhere. But... it still seems like you're stuck in the same old loop, just a little loopier this time around.

  6. If this is real, this blog I mean, you need to open that door. I've never heard of Slenderman acting this way, but it sounds like serious shit is happening to you and you need to finish it before it finishes you.

    It also sounds like you use to have your shit together. Fucking do something. Writing little poems won't help you, go out and open the door or whatever and try not to go crazy like all the other people fighting this thing.

    1. Oh, you! I like your blog! :D It made me smile to see you'd commented here. ^w^ Thank you.

  7. Zeke, I've kept my temper from the beginning. From all this shit with Lizzie, her dying, to this.
    Alright, She's DEAD, you can't bring her back, okay? All you can do now is get behind that fucking door! I've dealt with this shit before, yeah, I LIED. I tried to forget, but I didn't, and I'm not apologizing for it. I used to see Slenderman as a kid, it didn't bother me because I figured he'd treat me better than my parents did, but I was wrong. He damn near killed me, paralyzed me from the waist-down.

    Once more, say it with me.


  8. Zeke. You aren't going to respond are you? You've lost it, and you don't care anymore. Well, god fuckin bless ya man! Ya damn well dug this hole yourself, and your not even trying to get out of it. Hell you got your partner killed, why not kill yourself?

    At this point you are wasting both our, and "his" time. So don't fight like many others did. By the end, no one will give a damn that you died.

  9. This is fake kiddies. Grow up. It's a good fun read but in the end it's fake. You know what's wrong with zeke? He has schizophrenia. He hallucinates and hears things, just like I did. I hear voices and see things. Believe me or don't.

  10. I know this is late, but:

    Sarge - They WANT to be dicks. They WANT to piss him off so he does sommething

    dustin - Could be that, could be clever fiction, or it could be real. The universe is an odd place

  11. Its so hard to stop reading this... but at this point I think its over for Ezekiel.

    You had a nice run man, but once the crazy-talk starts there's nothing much a stranger over the internet can do to help.