Sunday, June 20, 2010

Went to sleep last night in my bed on the third floor.

Woke up on my couch on the ground floor.

Have absolutely no idea how I got there...or what happened in between...


  1. I'm going to repeat this because I think it's important and things seem to be getting worse.

    You need to go back to the warehouse and see what's behind the giant metal door. The one you shot at before you heard the scream. Right before you saw HIM. I'm betting its important. You might learn something before its too late.

  2. Oh, Elizabeth. It's not important, at all. What is important is that Mr. Strahm gets his situation under control. The door is irrelevant to his situation, ergo it is unimportant, QED.

    And as for your situation, Mr. Strahm, is there any sign of breaking/entering? I assume you have no situation of sleepwalking, but perhaps you could install some basic alarms on the door to your bedroom (e.g. length of wire going across the door, connected to an alarm at the end. If someone tries to force the door from the outside, the wire breaks and the alarm sounds. You can always disable the alarm in the mornings), just to make sure nobody is getting in. Of course, the worrying thing is that there could be something in the bedroom from the beginning, but you wouldn't know that unless you started videotaping yourself.

    And you don't know what that would do, given Spiderfreak's history. It might do more harm then good, after all... and perhaps some dogs are better left sleeping.

  3. Allan, you're such an elitist prick. What makes you think that you're write and Elizabeth's wrong, aside from your enormously bloated ego? Shove it.

    Zeke, if you're doing okay... physically, at least, that's one thing to be thankful for.

    I don't know what else to offer up for advice. I'm sorry.

    1. The fact that you spelled right rong, and the fact that it took 3 years for someone to point it out.

  4. Zeke.


    This is getting out of hand.

    Having staring contests at the window with Him is bad enough; being physically picked up and moved somewhere by Him is quite a bit worse. Or even worse than that; you followed him down there.

    You can't let your will power fade. Do you rememver what this abomination has taken from you? He- No, It has taken your entire life from you. You beat this blasted thing when your age was one didgit. You're a full grown man. This thing doesn't even have a face. Fuck Jay, fuck Alex; this is about you. You've won once- hell, so did Alex. What the hell are you doing that he got into your freaking room and took you for a stroll? Get your act together. You're making mankind look bad.

    That door that Elizibeth wants you to open? Open it. For Christ's sake, open it. Whatever you find on the other side, the Slender Man doesn't want you to see. Yet, at least.

    So, God damn it- go take a look early. I'd be jumping at the chance to piss this fucker off. Why aren't you?

  5. "Allan, you're such an elitist prick. What makes you think that you're write and Elizabeth's wrong, aside from your enormously bloated ego? Shove it." Since I'm starting in the right place and don't have to visit a crime scene? :P Mmhm.

  6. Everyone is right Zeke. Hell even Lizzie wrote it here on the blog. Openthedoorandyouwillfindthem. Does that ring a bell. Go in daylight. Screw the chief's orders! Go during the day and bust the door down. Either that, or wait for him to kill you.

    Your choice my friend. You ignored our advice once and it cost you. Don't ignore it again.

  7. Oh snap it's right in the title! Can't believe I didn't see that...

    I Lizzie somehow knew she was gonna die, seems like she might have known about this mysterious door. Hope you opened it!