Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Journal

God damn Lizzie. She wakes me up this early in the morning, telling me she's found something. She knows I like my sleep, and yet she does this anyway. I tell her where to meet, because we sure as hell aren't doing this here.

We meet up outside some McDonald's that has long since closed up (open twenty-four/seven my ass), and we sat down on one of the picnic tables they have outside. Lizzie was holding onto the diary we got from Albright's house, and the moment our asses were planted on the table she handed it to me and told me to read.

The first half was nothing special. Just things a girl in high school would faun over; boys, schoolwork, dances, shit like that. Nothing out of the ordinary, and not worth posting on here. Some things should remain private, and there are a couple things here that probably wouldn't hurt to leave untold.

It was right around the halfway mark that things got weird. Here's a sample:

“It's been three days since I've slept. I keep seeing HIM everywhere I go. This morning I saw HIM out the window and I thought my dad would've seen him because he was right there, but he acted like there was no one there. I think I'm going crazy. HE was standing right in the flower patch, how could he not see HIM? He was looking right at the flowers, for God's sakes! Am I the only one? Am I alone?”

That's the first mention of a HIM, and every single time she refers to HIM in all capitals. I don't understand the significance. And it just gets weirder from there. It's like this journal began monitoring her decreasing sanity.

The last entry is some fucked up shit. You know that rhyme from the Freddy Krueger movies, the one that is sung whenever the characters see a bunch of kids in white jumping rope? She made her own fucking rendition:

“OnE tWo, HE'S cOmINg foR YOU
ThREe foUr, nO PoINt locKiNG tHe dOOr
FIve sIX, No hElP fRoM thE CrUciFIX
SeVeN EiGHt, HE'LL gET YOU aSleEP oR aWakE
ninE tEN, NevER LIVe aGAin...


Talk about your mind fuck. I'm not sure if there's a pattern in the letters that are capitalized, but my guess is she was just gone in the mental sense when she wrote it. I looked up at Lizzie and she just had this look on her face that I can't even put into words. I flipped the page and the only thing that was left was a circle with an “X” in the center that I recognized only after Lizzie reminded me of the same one found in Victoria Krell's room.

That just confirmed it. Before we just had suspicion, but this journal proves it. We're dealing with the same guy.

We're going to put out a warning this afternoon. All families are to keep tabs on their kids at all times and let us know if they start acting unusual in their behaviors. I just wish we had a picture of the guy so people can look out for him, but all we really have are the drawings from Victoria's room, and I don't think that's enough. Unless we come across something else, all we can really say is for everyone to be careful. Police are on twenty-four hour patrol on the streets, so if something else happens, they'll be on call.

Somehow, I can't really feel too optimistic when I think about that...


  1. Zeke,

    I can see where you're coming from. You have two missing girls on your plate, and the last thing you wanna hear is about some "Slenderman" bullshit. It really is one hell of an phenomenon on the internet it seems, (My best friend is big into cryptozoology, and is always showin' me that stuff.) But there is one thing to think about... perhaps there is a guy out there that (if not slenderman), is using this creature's techniques to prey on girls? Hell, could be worth lookin' into.

    Meanwhile, I'll screw around tryin' to figure out that riddle/code you posted. I happen to be in quite a few Cryptology classes here at MIT. You have any questions about the Slenderman fella, or the riddles you find, you go ahead and contact me, alright? Email is

    Dexter MacTavish
    Grad Student, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  2. Yeah, I suppose that's possible. Plenty of crazies in the world.

    This honestly doesn't look like a code to me. The letters just seem too sporadic for it to form any coherent sentence. Maybe if one or two more letters were capitalized or lowercased...unless you're supposed to mix and match? I dunno, but I'm skeptical on if she was trying to say something else. We'll keep looking on it, though.

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  4. Yeah, but the thing you learn when spending way too much time staring at these things, is that the most effective codes are the ones that don't seem to be codes to begin with. Let me kick it around my head, see what I can figure out. I'll definitely contact you if I see anything I think would be useful to your investigation.

    - Dex

    Dexter MacTavish
    Graduate Student
    Cryptology and Applied Mathematics
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  5. Yeah, that's true. I was never much of a code man. I can stare at a thing for hours and still not come up with anything. I can't even finish a game of Sudoku without Lizzie giving me a hint. Good luck to ya, though.

  6. I'm definitely no professor or expert or anything, but I'm wondering, is the writing for that last poem drastically different from Albright's earlier entries? I'm not expecting it to be all hearts-dot-the-i's or anything, but are there indicators in the letters that point to a different person writing it...?

    Just because it seems really weird that a girl like her would default to (potentially) codes and riddles, crazy or not.

  7. Handwriting's the same throughout. I don't know, I'm still convinced she was gone in the mental sense at this point. A few of the entries before this were real mind-jobs too, this one just really creeped us out the most. It's a hell of a transformation from beginning to end, but from what I can tell, the same hand wrote all of it.

    If there's a code, we haven't found it yet. I'm still not too optimistic. I don't know how much sense we're going to be able to make of this thing in the long run.

  8. It may make no sense. To me, it looks like it could be a letter mixup, if indeed there is a code at all. I'm playing around with the capitalized letters... but nothing conclusive, yet.

    Also, what's with that X guy? Hopefully he's just a drive-by troll. I'd hate for you guys to have to deal with some jerk who likes to taunt from a distance.

  9. I don't think there's a code. Lizzie's starting to think the same thing. Maybe if something else comes up that can help put the missing pieces in order...I guess we'll see.

    I have absolutely no idea who this guy is, but if he keeps this shit up, I'm gonna belt him one right in the mouth. I get enough psychos at work, I don't need one on here.

  10. The last man on earth sat in his room. There was a lock on the door.

  11. Yeah, good for fucking him, buddy. Lemme know how that one works out.

  12. Of course I'm no expert, so take this with a grain of salt, but poking through that string and grouping letters so that I was taking 'em from left to right and shuffling them around, I got this:

    see how in or you true night knife open poor mix cu [see you] fix hell seven weeps you never light nrga

    The words may not be in order, either... but that's a lot to glean from a string of apparently randomly capitalized letters? o_o''' It doesn't really reveal anything new or startling so it's probably nothing...

  13. Seems random...though some of those words seem like they'd make sense...I just feel like it's incomplete, like something's missing...

    If there's more to it, it's okay with me if it stays missing, though. Because more details usually show up with another body gone, and quite frankly, two is enough for me.


  15. ???
    enriched fool trot
    filch overshot (chief rho volts)
    a goatee alike
    innate vine (native nine, naivete inn)

  16. Zeke,

    After pouring over ciphers all day long, I still haven't been able to figure this one out. I'm still not ready to rule out the idea that it is a code. However, I think you're right, we would need more information to figure out how to decipher it. Meanwhile, I'll keep one eye on your blog, and another on the rhyme. Hopefully somethin' will jump out at me.

    (And yes X, those are anagrams of the uppercase lines, and the lowercase lines respectively. Those are the first things i tried. I don't think that is the way to go about this one.)

    Good luck Zeke, I'm still here if you find anything else out that you think may help with the deciphering.

    Take care and stay safe,
    - Dex

  17. see how you weep in our hells. your night light never true. open. nga

  18. You have two options from wht I see:

    1. Assuming the "slender man" is a myth, you should try to see if there are any registered sex offenders or anyone that's been convicted for rape or murder in recent history, and then ask around if they've shown interest in both of these girls.

    2. If this really is Slender Man, the same "thing" that killed a squad of Marines and impaled them on trees in iraq and the same one responsible for the disappearance of Alex Kralie and the most of the crew of Marble Hornets, then there isn't much you can do. But stay on the lookout, if anyone calls in saying their kid has been acting strange, I would strongly encourage you to OBSERVE them and then convince the Police Departmnet to try to put a cop infront of their house and have him call him if he sees anything.

    I wish you luck Zeke, and if you know about slendy and try to look into him, god have mercy on your soul.

  19. DX Damnit, X is way faster at those than I am. *sad face*

    Speaking of trolls, does a 'KD Farkfich' sound like anyone to you?

  20. Oh, the X kid was trying to solve it? I thought he was just being a psycho douchebag.

    Well, thanks for trying. We'll see what comes up. Right now, I'm closing up for the night, I've been working this case all day and I am utterly wiped.

  21. I am X, I am.
    Wily and mysterious.
    Perhaps helpful guy?

  22. light our night. open your anger. hell sees how your... (vine weep tune)

  23. question: when zeke goes to bed, so do all others. why? terry? dex? merrit? where'd y'all go?

    now it's just me...

    just X and Slendy...

  24. light our night. open your anger. hell sees your teen whine. wove up.

  25. I'm awake. I've been tearing at this damned rhyme. I can't sleep.

  26. Let's just say that Zeke's not the only one who likes to get zen at the end of the day. I'm only taking cues from a smart man!

    That... and, well, if professionals are getting nothing out of the potential clues, I somehow doubt an art student is going to get anything useful. Maybe the two gals going missing is the end of this.

  27. light our night. open hell. your see your teen whine. rangers wove up.

  28. Sorry I left so adruptly lol, the barracks the collage gave us NROTC guys has a shotty internet connction.

  29. @X
    stop with your spam, i made better poetry in gr.2 and i tell you that shit was awful

  30. @Imperfectly Perfect

    The point of X's posts

    your head.