Friday, March 26, 2010

What a week. Two missing kids and a stack of drawings and journal entries pointing to some guy in a suit that's a possible pro in his area of expertise. We're doing a run on former rapists in the area, we might actually be coming close, though it's too soon to say.

But now it's “Strahm Rants” time, because I've got to get this out, because so many people bring it up and it's time I address it out right.

This “Slender Man” myth.

Believe it or not, I know the myth. What, you think just because I'm twenty-six and a detective that I never go on the internet? I've been on Youtube, kids. A buddy of mine from high school linked me to Marble Hornets way before all this shit started. I know this guy's gotten popularity, though I think a lot of it is slightly over-exaggerated.

Did the videos creep me out? Abso-fucking-lutely. Couldn't sleep for a week after watching them. Then once I got over it, I showed them to Lizzie just to scare the shit out of her. She had nightmares for a month. I thought it was hilarious. The kids have made one hell of a film project, whatever class it's for, I hope they get an A.

But that's is, guys: it's a goddamn film project. Now, maybe it's not exactly for a class, maybe they were just fucking around with the camera and it somehow got discovered and turned into a hit. I don't know. But while creative, you have to remember that IT'S YOUTUBE. Not saying everything on there is fake, but can we please just move past the bullshit?

You know what, I can even predict the rest of the plot from here. Totheark is Tim, the ark is Alex, Jay and Sarah bone, Brian shows up with the Sword of Elendil and runs it through Slender Man's chest, Alex shoots Tim right through his masked face and they all live happily ever after. The end. Wait for the DVD release. There, the remainder of the series in a nutshell. Sorry to spoil it.

But then people ask, “What about Logan Renault?” Yeah, I've taken a glance at that freaking blog too. And you know what? My heart goes out to Logan, my heart goes out to Matthew Shelby, I'm real fucking sorry about whatever happened to them, but they drove themselves nuts over a case of post-traumatic stress disorder.

Here's what happened there, folks: Shelby suffered PTSD. Two kids blowing themselves up and half his squad will do that to you. He couldn't deal with surviving, so he came up with the bogus story of an alien making Christmas ornaments of his squad and then did himself in after filling a notebook of weird shit. Renault gets it, believes his friend over the trained shrinks studying him, goes fucking nuts, runs off, carves his eye out, yada yada yada. The other guy, I forget his name, but he's the only smart one, he stays the fuck out of it and doesn't buy into all the bullshit.

Fantasy is fun. Lord knows it is. But you let it rule your life, this is eventually what happens to you. So my advice: Stay in reality. Life's a bitch and then you die, but at least you die on your own bed if you play your cards right.

Look, kids, I know you like playing these games. But that's it; they're games. Games entertain you, they end, you move on. Okay? There's no Slender Man. There's no crazy masked motherfucker. There is only the real world. And yes, it can be every bit as fucked up as fantasy, and no, you don't always win. But that's life.

This isn't a game here. We've got kids missing. We're dealing with a serial rapist, kidnapper, I don't know what, but he's human, guaranteed.

I don't like ranting. Don't make me do it again.

I appreciate the help people have offered, but leave the myth to the Dungeons and Dragons kids.

That is all.

I'm going home now. I've been on duty for over twenty-four hours and tomorrow's my day off. I'm going home early.



  1. Are you sure there even is a killer? Have you even found bodies?

    It still looks like kids on drugs to me - maybe these girls had the same mood swings because they're one the same drugs. Dropping out from society, not listening to teachers or parents, it's really like the same broken record I'm sure you've heard before. Of course the bad guy in the drawings is wearing a suit - teenagers hate authority.

    Two girls from different sides of the tracks, with the same dealer in common. And their friends wouldn't know each other because they don't run in the same cliques, they just do the same drugs. It's like back when coke was cheap(er) in the 80's.

    In fact, I was just reading the news, it said that because of the drug wars in Mexico, there are more drugs in the US now. So we can expect the drug problems of the 80's to return.

    Occam's razor, my man. When all is said and done, these girls are gonna be featured in a future "Scared Straight" video. I kinda feel sorry for their parents.

  2. I know! The option that makes the most sense and in most cases would probably be true would be that there's a rapist, kidnapper, or a murderer on the loose doing all this! But you can't ignore the fact that these girls nearly went INSANE before they disappeared and that one nearly took her own mom's head off when she tried to take her art-book of craziness! Hell, they even drew the same shit, the same tentacled freak, the same man in the suit, the operator symbol, and even "SEES ME!"

    Don't get me wrong! I'm not trying to say it's not a rapist, kidnapper, or a murderer! I'm just pointing there's a DEFINATE link, you can see this if you pay special attention to the way the people act in MH and JAF, and the symbols (operator symbol) and the drawings that're shown in the entries, and the notebook.

    Even then, I hope you do well Zeke!

  3. Be wary of red herrings. Stand back, big picture is what's important. There is no Occam's Razor with missing girls. I doubt this is a kidnapper, or a rapist, or a serial killer. Why? Quite simply, all three of these types of criminals have types. Usually resembling somebody from their past, age, weight, hair color, everything. Unless these girls look very similar, then I think you're out of luck on it being one man.

    Just something to keep in mind.

    I apologize for bringing up Slenderman before, it just... fit at the time.

  4. C/Amn Merritt, I believe that Mr. Strahm is on the right track by ignoring this Slender Man nonsense. The only link is that these girls, perhaps on drugs as Kloro hypothesised, started drawing/writing these symbols; perhaps they saw these "Slender Man" things circulating the Internet and thought they were being stalked by him, perhaps mistaking an actual stalker/serial rapist (or something along those lines) for this Slender Man. I do not doubt that if they had access to drugs, it would not have helped them.

    These are just my thoughts on the matter, however; feel free to ignore me.

  5. Another thought: back in the day, LSD used to be sold in the underground on small tabs of blotting paper. Different dealers used rubber stamps to mark their products with different symbols, their "brand name" if you will. The infamous "blue Star" LSD was an urban legend, based on this truth. I wouldn't know for sure, but I don't see why dealers wouldn't do this today.

    The symbol you're seeing on the drawings may be a dealer's brand.

    Also, you might want to look at the victim's music collection, both in CD form, and on their computers, then go to clubs where that music is played. Don't limit yourself to just all-ages clubs, either, girls (especially pretty girls) often find ways of getting into 21+ clubs.

    Don't write these girls off, Zeke. For all you know, they may be in a hotel room in Florida, fried out of their mind, celebrating Spring Break. And I'm sure you know this already, but don't refer to them as gone around their parents - Lord knows you don't want to deal with that drama.

    Last, try not to take this home with you. From what you write, you sound like you're burning the candle at both ends. Lack of sleep can make you sloppy.

  6. Perhaps you should ask the victims guardians, if you can, if the girls have ever been experiencing being cold when it is warm, coughing alot, the slendersymptoms. Both of these girls could have also been into Marblehornets to the point of obsession, and the human mind can duplicate cold, coughs and such could easily be written off as a slendycough. It may not have to directly deal with Marblehornets/Slenderman, but, it could have to do with an obession and an addiction to the point that people were calling them ridiculous and idiotic about it at school, in public, etc. These are teenagers, teenagers run away to try and solve their problems. And sadly, some never come back.

  7. Sorry for the blatant nerdery, Zeke. I do hope that the investigation goes well and that nobody else goes missing. :c

  8. Ok, lets try to count out Slender Man's involvement, and put down TWO possiblitys that we know of:

    ONE: They could've been kidnapped.....or worse. The thing to do would probably be to to look into anyone that's been convicted of rape, murder, kidnapping, or anything involving sexual involvement with a child. And don't look all of them up, it'll take too long, look up some in a very close poxmity to BOTH girls.

    TWO: Despite their very DIFFERENT ways of doing stuff, they could easily be WASTED or HIGH and have forgotten that they're supposed to be at school and are probably at some motel or whatever. I'd call any motels or whatever that you think they might be at and see if either girls have gotten a room there in recent history.

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  10. The psychology of the slender man is quite.....odd.When teenagers and other humans looked at the slenderman videos on youtube or looked at someones blog about him you humans panicked in fear he would find you.Well the slender man has been seen everywhere in the world and no one knows who started this myth.But you still fear somethimg that doesn't fit science.there is no creature that has no face but can still live.That's impossible.Name a creature that can grow multiple arms and make it's abdomen thin.There is none.There is nothing to fear but your own imagination.But the victims of the past went insane and died because they're weak minds could'nt think for themselves.All the photos of him?Photoshopped=faked.All the videos?Staged=faked.And the blogs?They were written for your mere entertainment.Remember boys and girls...the slender man is a parasite of the mind who is controlling a part of your brain and then you find yourself at war.With who?Not the slender man,but can think for yourself.I was almost a victim to this fad,but I finally confronted myself and yelled "The nightmare is over!You don't exist!AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!".He faded away and was just a memory.And know this.....if you see the slenderman,it's just your head(imagination) trying to attack the Twin Towers(sanity) you own.By the way.....the slenderman is just a montage of past or present movie characters,you know like a reference.And all those "records" of children being kidnapped by him,were just papers stolen from a police station and then the amatuer wrote on those papers the date,crime,etc. was just trying to make it look real.

  11. you wanna meet a real monster?me...........if your confused then let's have a cup of tea and let'

  12. Guys lets just let him do his job, ok? Whenever I take a sec to read the comments I regret it :(