Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Number Two

We've got another one.

Jessica Albright. Seventeen-year-old blonde at a different high school, but not far from the last one. Nice figure, outgoing, popular, had a supporting family, loving boyfriend...almost the exact opposite of the last girl that was taken.

But when we talked to the parents, it was the exact same story. In the last month or so, she started getting agitated, moody, completely paranoid. Kept it bottled up more, but they could still notice it. Her boyfriend said that sometimes when they were having fun in the backseat of his car she would stop and peer around as if she thought someone was there. Whenever he asked what it was, she would just say nothing in an angry tone that, in his words, “wasn't her”. She withdrew, shut the world out, and then one morning she was just gone.

Just like the Krell girl. What the hell is happening here? One girl showing these signs is one thing, but two showing the exact same signs was something else. And we showed the picture of Victoria to everyone we interviewed, family, friends, boyfriend. No one had a clue who she was. These two girls were complete strangers.

But they're both gone. Under the same circumstances.

We don't have a sketchbook this time around, but Lizzie did manage to get the girl's diary off of the parents. Special permissions and what not. I don't know what she expects to find, from what the friends told us, she was never really interested in anything artsy. Maybe more of what we found at the other scene? Still not sure, I suppose she'll get back to me.

I'm starting to get pretty concerned here. Two girls missing within three days of each other, both showing the same signs of paranoia and aggression before they go MIA. Could be coincidence, but in my line of work, I've come to learn that there's no such thing. There has to be a relation here. I'm starting to wonder if we're not dealing with a serial kidnapper or a serial rapist.

I'm starting to wonder if we shouldn't put the whole god damn town on alert...


  1. I think it's time for you to take a second glance at the paranormal. No human would be able to cause these symptoms. If the two girls had just seen a man stalking them, following them, then sure they would be paranoid, but why wouldn't they talk to somebody, such as law enforcement.

    But if what they're seeing is a monster. Then who would believe them? I'm sure Marble Hornets was mentioned to you before. I think it's time you took a look.

  2. ...Jesus, I just get home, and this is what I have waiting for me?

    Alright, look: I've seen Marble Hornets. I ran into a buddy of mine from high school a couple months ago, he showed them to me. Hell, I even showed them to Lizzie just to freak her out, it was funny.

    But I'm not about to cause a panic over an urban legend that was created LAST SUMMER on a fucking FORUM. The fact that this "thing" is not even a year old doesn't even qualify it for an urban legend, not in my book. Give it ten years, then come talk to me.

    As to why they didn't say anything, every teenager is different, but I know when I was that age, I didn't tell my folks shit. They were my problems, I dealt with them my way. Should I have told somebody that some muggers had threatened me with a knife in eighth grade? Yeah, the same way I should have told them I lost my V-card in the back seat of my dad's Saab when I was fifteen. But I didn't. Teenagers deal with shit on their own, at least, all the ones I've ever had close contact with.

    Besides, we're still not even sure if anyone even took them. We interviewed the cops that searched the woods near Victoria Krell's house after she had her freak-out, and they still claim they never found anything. Do I have my suspicions? Absolutely. But the thing that gets the ball rolling on any case: EVIDENCE. Which thus far is nothing more than a bunch of freaky drawings and a couple of notebooks.

    I'm not saying they weren't kidnapped, I'm saying we don't know yet. I'm concerned, yes, but I'm not about to let my nerves rule my judgment. Me and Lizzie are not in the Psychological and Mythical Creature department. We are in the Investigations department. Plain and simple.

    You want a "Slender Man" expert, go see that guy Flamerock, I hear he's the fucking expert.

  3. Just wait till you find the girls' bodies way high in some trees with their organs in plastic bags at the trunks.

    ...well, I hope you don't find that, but still. Those drawings are most definitely Slender Man and the first was definitely suffering from Slendiosis or whatever they call it.

    Actually, I have a useful question. Was there any mention of the girls becoming sick or getting a cough around the time before they disappeared?

  4. I have to ask, are you changing the names of people and places to keep their identities protected? It just seems awfully unprofessional to be posting all of this up in a public place and then jumping down our throats when random passers by have access to what you're writing. o_O

  5. Hmm.... Most difficult. Might I suggest looking at the girls medical and police records? Schizophrenia or a bad drug trip can cause all kinds of things like that.

    I guess I should introduce myself a little. My name is Professor Riley Frost. I am a professor of neurology at the University of Alberta, and came across this blog while researching the causes and effects of fear on the human body. Through the marblehornets series, I found a link that led me here, so here I am, ready to be of service as needed.


  6. Nothing that really came up in the conversation. I'm not sure how much of the story we got from Krell's mother is accurate, but I don't think she would have noticed if a tree crashed through her house with how much she's had to drink.

    The Albrights said she was getting off a cold about a week or two before hand, but that was just one more thing added to a list of shit going on with her in recent weeks, and we haven't thought too much of it. Kids get sick.

  7. Look, buddy, we've got two kids missing. These parents want them found, whatever it takes. If someone comes along and a part of their descriptions fit into someone they've seen, well, that makes my job easier, doesn't it?

    Will the chief get pissed? Abso-fuckin'-lutely. Do I give a shit? Not in the slightest.

  8. Well, Professor, I'll see what we can dig up medical wise. Neither girl have any criminal records, so we'll see what we can find from the doctors.

    I don't know about drugs...Krell's history came pretty close, but Albright was clean as a whistle. Then again, any teen who says they've never done weed are either lying or they're the most stressed out kids alive.

    Neither have any reported history of schizophrenia. Then again, it's not something that we really thought would add into the equation. At any rate, the chief's trying to secure medical records now, special permissions and what not.

    I'm still not sold on the "Slender Man" thing. Those videos are entertaining, and I hope the kid gets an "A" if it's a school project, but to me that's all they are. I find it hard to believe in something that was created on some forum, you know what I mean?

  9. I know what you're talking about, but suppose you were a teenage girl, a friend showed you a series of videos that freaked you out... You keep watching and watching, you might join in on online discussions about what the videos mean, the series consumes you.
    Maybe it became a case of "not being able to tell the difference between reality and fiction"? It happened to me when I was about their age.

  10. I think lifegospel makes an interesting point. I'm about their age, big fan of all the Slenderman stuff, and I swear it's ruined part of my life. I'm seeing him out of the corner of my eye anymore, and I'm absolutely terrified of going anywhere in the dark. I mean, it obviously can't be him, since he doesn't exist, but... yeah, I forgot where I was going with this.