Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Alright, I'm back, I'm alright, no need to fret.

Though yesterday was no weirder than you'd expect.

People showed up for work about an hour after I got that call. I told the chief, he sent me over there with a couple of officers to investigate. I could tell the whole place was worried, but I just tried to keep a cool head.

Eric lives in a house on the west end of town, not too far from where Jessica Albright's family lives. It's more of a two-story shack than anything else, but it's pretty homely, at least, on the outside. Blue paint, green shutters, even a little garden out front. I never took Eric for the type, but then again, you learn something new every day.

We tried not to make a scene. We just went up to the door and I knocked. They stood on either side, ready to go in on my mark.

“Eric? It's Zeke, you home?”

No answer. I open the door, my gun's out, and we all but storm inside.

Eric's place was a wreck. The couch was overturned and the stuffing was torn out of one of the cushions. The TV was smashed up, the vase was shattered, and almost every single picture that was hanging on the wall had the glass smashed or was hanging crooked. The only picture that wasn't in shambles was the one on his table, the one of him and his old partner, Mickey Scott. I'm still not sure why it was the only one untouched.

I must have searched the entire first floor twice before I moved upstairs. The rest of downstairs was just as big a wreck. The kitchen lost every single dish it had had all over the floor, the bathroom was just unrecognizable (not to mention flooding somewhat), and the dryer in the laundry room had actually been overturned. Over-fucking-turned. Now that's something I've never seen before.

But no Eric.

His bedroom was a mess. The mattress was flipped so that it was leaning against the wall, the springs on the underside twisted and broken. His dresser was rummaged through, and clothes were all over the place. His alarm clock was on the floor in hundreds of little pieces, and the mirror on his door was cracked so bad you couldn't pick your reflection out of it.

The whole place is just a fucking mess. Some of it is just too extreme. This wasn't a robbery or a kidnapping, somebody waged the Vietnam War Part Two in here and bombed the shit out of it. And still, no sign of Eric. No wallet, keys were found under one of his jackets, no visible sign of him anywhere.

Something new happened here. None of this matches the patterns we've been seeing so far. The other kids were taken with almost no effort, and yet here it looks like a fucking rhinoceros charged through here to grab him. Conaghan couldn't have done all this without help...so who else did he have do this?

I told one of the officers to call the station and get more people over here, and I told the other one to start marking outside, make sure no one decided to come snooping. The first one immediately took off, but the second one just stood there looking up at the ceiling like he had mental issues. I snapped my fingers in front of his face to bring him back down to Earth, and he just looked at me for a minute and then went right back to looking up at the ceiling again. Annoyed, I looked up to see what had him so damn transfixed...and saw what was quickly becoming the most redundant part of this whole fucking case. A damn message:



Yeah, I am officially getting sick and tired of that fucking line. If I wanted a preacher's quote, I'd go back to church.

Well, at least it wasn't ALL blood writing this time. But the letters...assuming my memory hasn't gotten fuzzy, because I haven't thought about it much since we discovered it... those are the letters from Albright's diary, right? The capitals from that freaky-ass rhyme-thing she wrote? Some of it's written in what I'm guessing is paint or tar or something...and then the specific letters and the last line are written in blood (for some reason, there's no color options on this damn thing, so I just bolded them so that it would be easier to understand).

I guess there was a message in there after all. Though I don't if it's intentional or just coincidence.

The rest of the department got there and immediately got to work, taking pictures, dusting for prints, all that. Someone was going to take a blood sample, but based off of experience I believed it was safe to assume we weren't going to get anything off of it. Lizzie got here, and when she saw the writing on the ceiling she just gave me that look I knew all too well.

This just got personal.

I'm back at the office now. Eric's face is being printed on a million “Missing” posters as we speak. I look over at his desk, thinking about the conversation we had had barely two weeks ago...and wondering how the hell he got targeted.

He wasn't a threat. He wasn't a major player. He was just doing his job.

And I know what I'm going to hear; how this coincides with the latest Marble Hornets entry. Yeah, well, fuck you. You're saying Eric was kidnapped so that it could be in sync with a fucking video? Kiss my ass. I don't know how you'd plan something like this around a fucking video; especially one that just got put up hours before.

Eric is missing. I don't care what happened in the stupid entry. I care about finding him and the others.

So Slender Heads, piss the fuck off.

I'm finishing this entry before I get angry.

I'll write again when I know more.


  1. Holy shit, I wanna see some jackass brought to justice Zeke! Do you have any folks over there who are cryptographers? I bet that those jumbled letters are a code and have a key somewhere. This man was sane days ago. No way he went batshit insane enough to just put a jumble of letters on the ceiling. It's gotta mean something.

  2. Hmm....
    Do you guys have a Behavioral Unit around? You might want top get them to construct a profile, even if it's not Conaghan, you'll know some behavior to look for.

    Stay safe and watch your back.

  3. You could try constantly calling his phone, tracing it, and finding where he might POSSIBLY be.

  4. Eli said it already but I could swear the weird jumbled letters we've seen from a few people are actually a letter scramble with a key. I could have sworn my English teacher gave it to me years ago as an extra credit thing or at least one very similar, it's like a key but half of it is scrambled too it took us days to figure out from what I recall. You may want to see what you can glean from it because a random jumble of letters from Eric seems strange for a man who was sane days ago. Unless he was involved without knowing somehow.

  5. Obviously we've tried tracing his cell phone. Every obvious step in the book is being thrown back in our faces on this case; we're not getting a lock.

    Eric isn't insane. He was fine. Sure, he was sick as a dog, but nothing showing insanity. Someone else had to have done this.

    What does this guy want to tell us in these letters? The bolded ones seem to narrow it down...anagram, maybe? I hate anagrams, I can never figure them out.

    Eric helped out with the evidance, I think he and Lizzie were going over a few things together. I'm going to go looking through his desk today, see if I can find anything.

  6. Have you reached out to state or federal resources? I know a lot of departments like to keep this within a department, especially when it's one of their own, but fresh eyes might make a difference. And you need to hit this up quickly.

    Again, if this guy is so bold as to attack a detective, in his own house ... Well, I'm sure you don't want him to get away with it.

    Has the media gotten wind of it? I'm sure they've been reporting on the teenagers, but do they know about Eric? In the case of missing teenagers, they could help, but I doubt they'd be useful in this situation.

  7. We're trying to keep it as small as we can. No one wants to hear how a detective working the case has now become a victim. It makes the situation go from bad to worse real quick. Chief can't avoid the press forever, though...

  8. Yeah, the chief or the mayor or whoever is gonna have the get the FBI in here somewhere.

  9. I don't understand! :(

    I haven't seen the video, or any of Marble Hornets, really. Maybe I should.