Monday, April 26, 2010


I...I can't even comprehend this right now.

We've got four bodies piled up in an apartment room in the suburbs of town.


That brings the total to eight.

Oh, sorry, did you think I meant the four bodies that were missing already? Sorry to deceive.

Nope, these are four completely new bodies.

We got the call when the landlady received complaints of a foul odor on the fourth floor, and then a neighbor on the third floor reported something leaking through the floorboards above her. When she went to go check it out, this was what she found. Those bodies had to be at least three days old, though how they got there I couldn't tell you.

I didn't even know what to expect when I went to go and investigate. When I saw the scene, let me tell you, I haven't thrown up on the job yet, but this threatened to break the streak I had going for me. These bodies were carved up like jack-o-lanterns on Halloween. From the looks, I'd say anywhere between a ten-inch blade and a machete. The one girl was hollowed out completely, just skin and bones and a lot of blood. The guys are just as bad, but I'll spare those of you with a weak constitution the details.

I couldn't tell on glance who they were, and DNA hasn't come in with results yet. But on glance, I don't think- think being the key word- that they're any of the kids already missing. Just a hunch, but there's at least three guys and one girl here; different ratio. The girl may be Krell or Albright and one of the guys may be Ford. Again, I don't know yet. But what I do know is that none of them are Eric.

At least there's one bit of good news.

And of course, there's a message waiting for us. This time, all it said was “SMHARTUOYESEI” and then “TOO LATE” written underneath that.

That really makes me freaking hopeful.

I can't even write any more. My mind just exploded at this. How do you sneak four bodies into an apartment without anyone seeing them or hearing the commotion? Piece by piece? Or did they go in through the window off the fire escape? Are they just mocking us now, or are they sending a warning that more of this will follow?

We've finally got bodies stacking up, and it just makes everything worse.

What else is new?


  1. Oh my god... That's horrific.

    And... uh... I don't quite know how to put this, but I think I solved your anagram...

    "I see you, Strahm"

    This also matches the bloody letter from Eric's home...

    Be careful.

  2. Crazy town just got a bit more insane.

    So, I'll ask the obvious question: who was renting the apartment, and are they one of the bodies found? Are their teeth matching any dental records?

    Also, where there any sign of drugs? I'm thinking of sedatives in particular; it would be one way to quiet the victims.

    Finally, what do you know of Eric's social circle? Might be worth checking out.

  3. Holy crap, that's abominable! Definitely time to bring in some help from the outside. And maybe don't mention people by name in this blog...? I can't help but worry that Eric's missing because you brought him up earlier. :(

  4. Zeke's out of the office right now, and I wanted to talk about your comments. This is Lizzie, by the way.

    The apartment was rented out to Albert Conaghan six weeks ago. I'm honestly not even surprised anymore, his name gets dragged up so often it's like he wants to be the culprit, or someone just has an agenda against him and is setting him up.

    DNA's come back: Zack Willard, Tony Reveruzzi, Brian Arzt, and Kelly Weir are the victims. All of them went to the same high school and all of them were reported missing two months ago. At the time, the chief just thought they ran off together, because there wasn't any notes or signs of kidnapping or anything. Of course, if we knew then what we know now...

    Eric really didn't have much of a social circle. His partner was about the closest thing to a real friend he had, but after he was murdered Eric really just stuck to himself. I invited him to hang out whenever I could, but he just never wanted to.

    And Alex...if that anagram really did come out like that...I've had a bad feeling since we found that message in Sam's holding cell. Someone's targeting Zeke, and he doesn't want to see it. There are a lot of things he doesn't want to see, but he needs to...

    I'm going to show him the message. Maybe it will convince him to lay low for a while. If I know Zeke, though, he's not going to fold that easily, but I'll try.

  5. Will lying low really help, though? Is there a way that you guys could somehow leave a message BACK, to communicate with the kidnapper and/or killer?

    If Zeke can somehow find a way to first let this person (or persons) know that he is... I don't know, laying low? before he does it, perhaps that will help? Anything that you guys can do to help direct the flow of this person seems like it's worth a shot. Zeke does not exactly seem diplomatic to me. Perhaps he needs a coach in negotiation since he is being specifically targeted?

  6. Nice to finally hear from you Lizzie.

    I know im incredibly behind on these happenings, but what can i say. Im late to the party. Dear god, i hope your both alive by the time i catch up. The fact that you have postings in the current month is hopeful.

  7. If this is at all connected to the Slendermeme, then you have to consider the possibility that whoever is doing this is reading THIS BLOG.

    If he's really targeting Zeke, he'll see these updates, know who you interact with, and thus know who to attack to get to you.

    Please be careful, you two.