Friday, April 23, 2010


You want an update? Here's your update:

Eric's still missing. It's been three days. Chief's been putting off talking to the press, but he can't avoid it forever. I wonder if there's any way we can avoid telling them that it's a detective from the case that's gone missing, but I suppose press have ways of getting their sources.

Every day I keep coming in to the office expecting to see him working diligently at his desk, but every day I stare at the empty seat and remember that that's not going to happen. Not now, at least.

Out of curiosity, I went through his desk the other day...and, well, three guesses what I found. I guess he and Lizzie must have been sharing information. Pictures and printed out websites all revolving around Secret Agent Man the Alien.

Yeah, not my best pun, but what do you want from me, I've got a lot on my mind.

I'm getting tired of this. Everyone's finding connections to this thing but I just don't want to look there. The minute I start looking there, then it starts to become real, and it's NOT real. I'll acknowledge that Conaghan is using the meme as part of his MO, but I'm not going to dig into everything. I need to keep a clear head, and not get bogged down with shit like this.

We're getting close to Conaghan, I can just feel it. And when we find him, then we find Eric and the kids, and all this blows over...well, not after a lot of therapy for the victims, but it'll blow over.

I just hope they can hang in there a little while longer. Almost there...

Oh, did anyone figure out this frigging anagram yet? I'm horrible with these things, I must have tried five different ways and I'm still not getting any clear sentences. Let me know.


  1. While, I would suggest Occam's Razor, I think this is too far into this to suggest it. Now I think anything is possible.

  2. Even if you don't believe the Slender Man, why not investigate it? The people who have been looking into keep disappearing. Maybe they keep finding things. Please respond

  3. If what they're finding is getting them kidnapped, then I'm fine with staying out of it. I find the guy, I can get it out of him anyway.

  4. So I went to the internet anagram server ( and put in "esorutemshyia" (the bolded letters that were on the ceiling at erics.) Didn't get any English anagrams. Using the advanced mode, it produced a lot of German ones, but I don't speak German, so I don't know if any of them are relevant.

    Are we sure this is only one person? I've been thinking about who would be so bold as to attack a detective, and up to now, I've been thinking it was someone *crazy* enough to do it. But maybe it's someone *powerful* enough to get away with it. Like maybe a mob figure? Was Eric investigating anything else besides the teenager's disappearance?

  5. I should add that the anagram server only gives you proper english word anagrams, and there are are some anagrams like "U Time a Shy Rose" that the server isn't going to give.

  6. Hmm...the only one I can think of that would want Eric offed was the guy who killed his partner...but last I heard he was half the continent away on death row.

    Maybe his gang's still around? I'd have to look into it. If they're being recruited for Conaghan's game, then that's not a good thing.

    Lizzie's seeing if she can figure this thing out. She's a pro at this stuff, I can barely finish a crossword.

  7. Hmm... We'd better find these kids (and Eric) FAST.
    Something tells me that we're running out of time, but just how much is left on the clock, we don't know...

  8. Any chance that the missing kids are actually behind this? Since elements from something invented on the internet are involved, maybe the unrelated kids actually knew each other on the internet, and went horribly overboard trying to increase the meme's popularity. And it might be possible to break out of a holding cell from the inside, if you had friends to pass you things through the window.

    If all that might be the case, then it is reasonable to assume that these kids also found your blog here, and started calling in the Conaghan sightings in addition to setting up one of his buildings for you to find.

    I'm just not sure if they would have taken it as far as kidnapping Eric.

  9. You should have lizzie get on here, that way we all could communicate our thoughts back and forth. Help her solve the riddle, and ultimately, give her more time to relax.

  10. I can't decode the thing, but, I need to say something. Watch Entry 17. It might explain a little on how the boy was captured and the picture froze.

  11. Kyle, Zeke isn't really interested in Slender Man theories. In fact, he's been a bit hostile to the idea.

    Chances are this is something more mundane, anyway, so we should probably exhaust the more normal possibilities before delving into the weird.