Monday, April 26, 2010

Lizzie stormed into the bathroom while I was in there a little while ago. Normally she doesn't do that unless she absolutely has to, so it was a little disconcerting when she storms in and catches me with my fly down. Not that she doesn't know “”ME” by now, but that's fun time and this is the public restroom.

“You need to back off the case,” she says as I zip myself up.

I frowned. “What are you talking about?”

She tells me to take a few days, lay low. Now I know she's screwing with me, and I ask her if she is being serious. She responds by handing me a sheet of paper that, typed in what had to be 72-font (jeez, big enough?), were the following letters:


Of course, I recognize them immediately. But I still don't understand what it has to do with me.

“Lizzie, is this a joke? What are you-”

That did it. She grabs me, pushes me so that I slam against the counter (she's never this rough, not even during fun time), and holds the sheet up to the mirror.

Does this look like a fucking joke?” she screams.

And this time, I see it. Really see it. The letters that were written in backwards were now showing so that they were finally legible. He never wanted me to unscramble all the words; he wanted me to find the one hidden message in them. I didn't know what to say as I looked at the four words that were staring back at me as though taunting me:



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  2. I know this probably isn't the best of time after the last anagram's solution striking so close to home, but I actually found another message from Conaghan, or whatever sick freak is doing this...

    I took a look back at what was written on Eric's ceiling, this time at the letters that weren't in blood. They are... OWHEINRYOUTEOPINKNGHOOFIIXNEPRECUFIX

    Couldn't quite get anything out of that because its a LOT to anagram. So I took a look at the journal entry from the female victim in March. Pulling out the capital letters, I found something disturbing...

    Almost the exact same set of letters in almost the same pattern. So I went and separated the letters that were different between the two...


    Whoever is doing this isn't just a wacko. They're clearly playing a game, and a twistedly clever, patient one at that since there was a separation of a month between the chances to find this. Whats more, they used a victim's journal scribbles as part of it.

    I've been trying to find more messages, but no luck so far. Be careful, Zeke. Something about all this just doesn't feel right...

  3. Hey, Zeke, could you tell us more about the death of Eric's partner? I have a feeling it's important in all this.

  4. I know most of the story, Lizzie filled me in. I never got it from Eric himself- again, I didn't know him as well- but she filled in the blanks.

    Eric and Mickey were working an undercover assignment against Benedict Montrell, this big-time up-and-rising gang leader who was doing deals with some Russian syndicate to get some heavier weapons, start an inner city war against the other gangs. Mickey maintained officer-status in the ranks while Eric was just a hired gun; the less connection they appeared to have, the better for everyone.

    They met out one night to close the deal, they had the goods, Montrell had the payment. I don't really know how, maybe they overheard a conversation or followed him to a meeting with the superiors, but one of Montrell's bigwigs realized who Mickey really was, and realized the cops knew exactly where they all were. Montrell put a gun to Mickey's head and asked if anyone would speak in his defense; no one did. So he pulled the trigger.

    All Eric had to do was speak up and vouch for him, but he knew that by doing so, it would call the validity of his cover into question, and with one of them discovered, he couldn't risk it. It wasn't his fault, and no one here blames him, but he blamed himself. That's why he works behind a desk now; he didn't think he could ever trust himself with a partner ever again, or that they would ever trust him.

    The story ends with the cops showing up, killing half the guys, Montrell gets convicted and moved out west to await a final sentence. Some of the lower guys got off, and for all I know, they're still around. This all happened a few years ago, back when Eric and Lizzie were still pretty fresh. I didn't join until a while later.

    But that's the shortened version, because for some reason when I tried to post the whole story I guess it short-circuited the blog because it went to error. But here it is.

  5. You could tell the chief that whoever has been responsible for these events has turned his or her attention to you? This could considered terroristic threat considering what's been done so far.