Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Final Thoughts

So, what did I learn from this?

Basically, Slender Man has been around forever, but was only primarily recorded during the 1500s and now. He must have done something then to garner such attention, just as he's doing now. And I know what's drawing him to people now. Alex's videos. Yeah, SomethingAwful presented him, but Alex was the first known person to record him and Jay posted them to the world. Now, thanks to the internet, there may be no stopping him from reaching out to the world.

What caused the 500 year gap has to be how information went around. There were no telephones then. No internet. The only known recorder of him disappeared. He could just drop off social radar. But now, it's too late. He's everywhere. He's like a fucking disease. The more people know, the stronger he gets.

He has teleportation, and time travel. A couple of you seem to disagree on the omniscience; I say, if he can time travel, why CAN'T he know everything? The guy's been doing this job for centuries; who's to say that everything he's done isn't based off prior knowledge?

Some of you have also said that salt or water could possibly kill him. I don't buy it; it's too easy. If someone could get rid of him just by throwing a bucket of cold water on him, wouldn't he have been gone way before now? I know sometimes the best way to kill something is the most obvious way, but even still, this is kinda reaching.

Too many people have died without fighting him. Some people never had a fucking chance, the poor bastards. Some are still out there...Prism and M and the others...is it only a matter of time? Will they be found as well? Or will they be able to fight him off.

As for me, I'm seeing now the reason behind him getting me. He's wanted me for years. He failed to get me as a child. Lizzie too, if my suspicion is correct. So he takes some of his other victims, Sam and Victoria and Jessica, and he waits until it's time for us to play into his hands.

And that's all it was from the very beginning. It wasn't the kids he wanted. It wasn't Conaghan. Slender Man orchestrated it so that he could get to us.

We were supposed to die from the very beginning.

And now he's ready to come and finish what he started.

But so am I.


  1. Ok, you've done your research, you know the rules, you're ready to try different stuff.

    Now open the door.

  2. I hope to whatever is in charge of this fucked up universe that you are ready to do this, Zeke. We're all backing you to the hilt, but this isn't like a raid, or anything you've ever done before. You saw what happened the last time.
    Are you going to give us a rundown of your gameplan?

  3. I didn't say salt could kill him, just keep him at bay for a while. Just buy you a little bit of time.

  4. Give Him hell! (GAH! Now I'm doing it!)

  5. I hope you don't/didn't discount the idea that at least some of his power comes from belief. The more you know about him, the closer he seems to get. It may be if you can convince yourself his power can't affect you, then it won't. This may not matter anymore since this is an old post, but it just might still be relevant.

  6. Is it bad that I actually WANT to see this "Slender Man"?? :/

  7. Just to point this out and not to be rude, but the marble hornets entrys are made up, if you don't believe me look up troyhasacamera and you can see everyone is fine and acting funny as ever, I originally cane her for I formation, nowing the more I know the higher the chance he can get me, but then I saw that people thought that MH was napping in real life, but its not, don't worry, you guys have to remember that everything on the internet isn't real, so try and not get fooled, I'm 14 going 15 this upcoming December, seeing slender only a couple months ago in my bedroom, at first I was just a mess. Thinking he was at every corner , but I soon got ahold of myself, remember that he feeds off fear and makes himself get stronger and get you, I soon forgot about him, till everything started up again not too long ago, in my dreams, and not remember what my friends said I did, keep that in mind, control the fear, it'll drive Slender away, hope things are okay for you, my prayers go for Zeke and all of you that are going through the trauma