Monday, July 19, 2010


Okay, well...even with all of that explained, or as close to explained as I can get it...there's still one thing I don't get.


Where did she fit in? Why drag her into this? That's the one thing that I still can't wrap my head around; why did she meet the fate she met?

I can't help but think that if I hadn't let her read that comment on my blog, she never would have started researching. I mean, yeah, I showed her the first half of the Marble Hornets videos, but that was a different point in our lives, as well as six months before we started this case. I don't think that should qualify to her being a target. But showing her that remark? That definitely got her going.

And once you get her going, she doesn't stop. A lot of the basic websites, I found through her, and I can't even begin to think about what she found that I don't know about. I don't know if she ever found the blogs...maybe she did. Maybe she found out about all these people...but why not keep them for me?

Doesn't matter now, I suppose...

Lizzie said that the first time she saw Slender Man was at the carnival...but that's not really right, is it? She was acting funny before then too. We didn't normally fight that bad, not since I was starting out in the force. And there were little things, her obsession with the drawings, her obsession with the journal...I know I said that that was how she worked, but looking back on it, it was more than that.

Jesus, how bad did he get her at the beginning? Was it even him? Or was it just the idea of him, the warp that he seems to pull people into that make them want to know more?

But she's smart. She must have realized what it would do. Why else would she ask Eric for help? But she must have realized what that would do to him too, though... I don't know, I don't know, it doesn't make sense to me.

How long after the carnival did he really start stalking her? Barely a month later, she stopped coming to work due to sickness...must have been sometime then. But why didn't he come to me too? Why wait until after the warehouse? If I was in the house with her, wouldn't it have been easier to kill two birds with one stone?

She was right about Conaghan. He wasn't the real target. But did she know who it was? She said during our fight that she didn't think it was actually Slender Man, that it was someone using him as a cover...but was that really what she was thinking, or was she just saying it to calm me...

God, too many questions here. Lizzie never told me anything...and I never bothered to listen. Now she's taken her secrets to the grave with her.

I just don't get why he went after her...I know he wanted to draw me out, but she didn't deserve this...he was torturing her, if he wanted to draw me out, he would've just kept her...

Unless that theory of mine is true...and everyone that has ever been stalked by him now was stalked by kids...

...Did you see him back then too, Lizzie?

Is that why you got wrapped up in all this? if your life wasn't tragic enough...


  1. Hey Zeke , i´ve been wondering...
    after you got your head back together, has Slender Man been stalking you every day?
    I´m just thinking about that because you haven´t mentioned it for a while...

  2. Nothing that's made me have to pull a shotgun out. He's been quiet lately...don't know why, but I'll take it.

  3. Hey Zeke, Lizzie lives out in the woods, right? There was a period of time where you were in "quarantine" and Lizzie was at work. Then when you were at work, and Lizzie was falling asleep at her desk, when normally a pot of coffee would have woken her up.

    My guess is, she wasn't getting a lot of sleep during this time, because she had a visitor, out there in the woods. Look at your own blog; that was happening for most of April and all of May.

    Also, you need to answer Bru's question. Not for us, but for yourself.

    Also, you should check your watch every now and then, make sure you're keeping track of time. Lost time has serious implications for someone in your situation.

  4. I know this is an old post, but I just discovered your blog.... you said that you showed her MarbleHornets about 6 months before you started working on the case... maybe she was already being stalked by him and THAT'S why she was so freaked out by the videos

  5. Didn't you say conaghan apparently came into contact with TSM six months ago? Would you say around that assumed time that was when you started showing Lizzie the MH videos?
    Do you think there could be a connection between that amount of time?

  6. Hey I was wondering Zeke; if slenderman did take his victims to another dimension, what would he do with them and why? And if its kill them why wouldn't he do that in the dimension he took them from ?