Monday, April 12, 2010

So Eric says there was a possible Conaghan sighting outside a café in town. Unfortunately, by the time he got the troops rallied and mustered them forward, he had dropped off the map again. And, since he's really only the back-up man on the case, guess who came back to work to find a giant pile of paperwork on his desk?

I'm pretty aggravated, but I can't even get mad at him. He's just the guy who stays at the desk and finds articles or files or anything to help us out; I'm the one who usually sounds the alarm and marches into battle. He's had enough shit in his life without me making it any worse.

Besides, he's coming down with something. As much of a jerk as I am, I don't yell at sick people.

Lizzie stayed at my house all day yesterday. Not that I really minded. She looked and acted like she always has, but there was still a hint of something being off. I made her waffles, and tried again to get some answers out of her, but she just smiled and insisted it was nothing major.

That's Lizzie for you. She never lets anyone know what's going on in there. I don't know how she survived with that bastard for as long as she did. I guess that's why she still voluntarily goes to see her therapist. She's a strong girl, if only on the outside. On the inside...I can't even begin to guess.

That's what I'm around for. Trying to patch her up. Though sometimes I wonder if I'm doing a good job at all.

We've spent all day trying to work off that lead and not really getting anywhere. Just another day in the office. I feel like we're getting close to something, though...just not sure what.


  1. Oh, what?! So close, yet so far away! Any chance that there are any buildings nearby that part of town that Conaghan owns? Maybe he's not so stupid as to wander out for a coffee... but maybe he is?

    Keeping my fingers crossed!

    Hope Lizzie isn't too mad that you're writing stuff about her for us to read. It's funny how she makes YOU a blog to share whatever you're feeling with us random internet people, but she will never spill the beans, huh?

  2. Zeke, when you say "I don't know how she survived with that bastard for as long as she did" are you referring to Lizzie's father, or some other bastard?

  3. Her dad. He's not exactly Father of the Year.

  4. Ah. Wasn't sure. Children of abusive parents sometimes marry abusive partners, so I wasn't sure if you were talking about her father or an ex.

  5. Is her father still alive? Maybe she saw him at the carnival...

  6. Yeah, he's still kicking. He used to call sometimes, but she got upset every time, so one day I just took the phone from her and told him if he called again, I was getting a warrant.

    I thought she might have seen him there too, that was my initial thought, but again, I didn't see him, or anyone that looked suspicious.

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  8. Back when I was watching MH for the first time I was seeing the S-Man everywhere. The case may have just gotten her sucked in a little too far and she's just mistaking trees for Mr. Tall Guy, and seeing that it seems that whoever has been messing with these kids is making a connection to Tall Guy by the circles with X's, and the drawings, Lizzie may just be a little paranoid and struck by the case. It should pass on, but in the meantime you're gonna have to be her rock.

    I think you should keep trying to figure out what she saw, just out of curiosity. I'd make it seem like you aren't worried, she's more likely to tell you if she knows you trust her judgment.

  9. She's starting to lose it, or its true.

    If she looks into it more, she'll start going insane.

    And its real, then it wont matter how much more times she looks into him, now that she has, and that HE is now aware of her (judging from her acting during the night at the carnival,) she's truly fucked eight ways from sunday.

  10. Oh and should you never need to relax (like, NOW) these instructions should help you, my good sir:

    a tab open this:

    Then inanother open this in another:

    Now gentlemen: grab a drink, sit back, and relax!

  11. I think AshleySix hit the nail on the head. I was at that point before too, so it's quite possible Liz (although she seems a bit more sane than I am, from what you've told us) is just seeing things too, especially with the coincidences the case is throwing in.

  12. Well... There is something I call the "Slenderman effect" but before you dismiss it, it has absolutely nothing to do with the Slenderman.

    When a person repeatedly watches a video, (As Lizzie did) they slowly create the neural pathways in their brain that tell them to look for a generic figure, and due to the Marblehornets' series style of filming, the videos are *perfect* for things like that.