Saturday, April 3, 2010


I am completely at a standstill.

We have nothing. Literally, nothing. No evidence from the room, no clues, nothing. Just an empty cell, three missing kids and a suspect that doesn't want to be found.

The camera? Unreliable. It goes dead during that twenty minute time frame between Sam being there and then being gone. I mean, it just FREEZES. The picture doesn't move. It's STILL not moving, and the techies are still trying to fix it. I don't know what happened, miniature EMP maybe? Yet the other cameras in the precinct are fine...they just don't show anything.

The blood? Untraceable. There's a compound in there that shouldn't be in there, and it's making it impossible to figure out whose blood it really is. There are no fingerprints either. Either someone watched Boondock Saints before they pulled this off, or they're just smart.

I'm not a pleasant person to be around today. Even Lizzie keeping her distance. I'm just livid. Another kid is missing and we have nothing to work off of except more tall tales of the Boogeyman.

God damn it...

We pulled more information on Conaghan, and we discovered a connection between him and Sam. Apparently he had some legal issues with his father a few years ago. Mr. Ford, who is a building contractor, was trying to get a city permit to take down one of Conaghan's warehouses to build another aqueduct for the city with some cleaner water, and Conaghan threw a pissy fit and it didn't get built. There's bad blood there, and it's the perfect motivation for this guy to want to get back at him.

The more information we pull, the more I'm convinced it's him. The evidence just continues to mount against him. He's got the ties, and he's got the locations to pull them off. The man's got buildings all over the city, but as far as I can see none of them go to any use. He's probably got bodies stashed all over this city, or people just waiting and praying for either rescue or a quick release.

The more he makes it obvious, however, the harder it is to get a grasp on his location. The man has literally fallen off the grid. We've searched his apartment and found nothing aside from more drawings. The fucking drawings. We see the fucking drawings everywhere we go. If I see one more crossed-out circle I'm going to go ballistic.

Chief is about to make this a state-wide emergency. That's what I was hoping to prevent but with three kids missing and no end in sight I'm starting to agree. His poster is going out to all neighboring cities and towns, and everyone's putting a curfew into effect. It may be premature, but everyone's getting nervous.

I don't know what to do aside from get more evidence so that when we DO find him, we've got a good case to make against him. Lizzie doesn't help; she's just obsessed with the fucking drawings. She pours over the symbol like it's a fucking religious artifact. She's trying to draw a connection to Conaghan with it and figure out what exactly it's supposed to mean. I personally don't care enough, but she's just really into it.

I'm just waiting for Conaghan to screw up. Because when he does, I'm going to be all over it.


  1. All of your evidence so far is circumstantial. It all screams "He might have done this because". Don't let your rage blind you from the truth. There is a possibility it might be him, and it very well might not. Don't let your one-sided theory let you pass over somebody else.

    I'm still a firm believer that there is more than one person doing this. This all just seems like far too much work for one person.

  2. Probably too organized for it not to be 'someone's in charge, and others are following orders', though.

    Man, this case sounds like it's getting pretty crazy... but it seems like a big leap to go to a state-wide warning. I hope that you guys haven't become spooked! The other guys posting here are waving big old 'doom is nigh' banners as far as I've read. Don't let 'em get under your skin, Zeke.

    Best of luck with this, whatever twists the path takes. Maybe share a pot of tea with Lizzie and take a 10 minute break: you're both working into the weekend, on a holiday no less, and burning the wick at both ends is probably not going to get things done any faster. Do take care!

  3. I think it's a bit premature too, but put yourself in the chief's shoes. Three kids missing, two filled up books of weird shit and the third spouted a bunch of crazy nonsense, then he just disappears inside a police precinct. We've got a suspect that's missing, we have nothing off the camera or off the blood samples, parents are starting to panic, Sam Ford's parents are in an uproar. City officials are breathing down our necks, they're threatening to go to the governor, and what it all boils down to is everyone's scared about who's going to be next and they want it stopped.

    And yet, I'm a hot-head when it comes to Conaghan, but there's something about this guy that just pisses me off. He gets off twice and the one time he IS convicted, it isn't even for the rape. I don't know anyone personally who has been raped, but the very idea of it just sickens me. If it was up to me, I'd throw all rapists behind bars and throw away the key.

    The evidence may be circumstantial, but where is he to tell us he's innocent, or what those drawings are doing in his apartment? If it's not him, could he at least try and clear his name? I'd at least try and hear him out, but if he's just going to hide I'm just going to assume he's guilty.

    Yeah, we're working this weekend. I've never been particularly religious, but I always enjoyed Easter. Neither of us are able to see our families, unfortunately. Mine are out of state on vacation, and Lizzie...well, she'd just rather stay here for Easter. I'll take up on that tea, though, sounds freaking delicious right about now.

  4. I'm not saying he's innocent. I'm just saying don't let it blind you. I would think the exact same as you, and in some cases I have, but I still hold to the theory that it's not one person, and when looking for one person you may skip over the others, and that could be even worse. Because with a group, one man can be replaced.

  5. You might want to get the FBI involved before you call a State-wide Emergancy.

  6. You said he has "drawings" in his apartment? Are these the same kind of drawings that you found in the journals and the walls of those girls' rooms?

  7. You know what, you talk to the chief and the higher-ups, then come talk to me, alright? I'm not making the call, I'm just stating what they're planning to do. You assume I have the power here; I don't. I'm a fucking detective barely making thirty grand a year, and I'm just trying to do my fucking job.

    Great, now I've got a headache. I've been dealing with assholes all morning, and if I get one more comment telling me what should be done that's outside of my control, I may just punch a rookie.

    I mentioned the drawings in the entry. Fourth paragraph up from the bottom. And as for if it's the same ones, what do you think? They sure as hell ain't sketches of flowers and rainbows.

  8. Well flowers and rainbows would be preferable to tentacle-dudes and "SEES ME," wouldn't it?

  9. Well we're not really telling you TO DO THAT, we're just giving you suggestions on what you should tell the Chief. Sorry for the misunderstanding

  10. What's your vibe on Mr. Ford? In particular, did he get along with his son Sam? What did you mean about Sam "probably been stuffed in a couple dumpsters in his day?" Was Sam actually his biological son, step-son, or what?

    Also, being a building contractor, did he have anything to do with setting up the cameras in the jail cell? It sounds far-fetched, but not as far fetched as some supernatural thin man.

    Conaghan here seems too easy, something about it doesn't seem right. Most of the time when a kid is murdered or molested, it's a family member, and if Mr Ford hated both Conaghan and his son, he could kill two birds with one stone here.

    My last question: what does Conaghan do for a living that he would commonly use formal attire? (Not to mention pay for all these lawyers.) That information might give you a clue to where he is, and what he's capable of.

    I know it's hard, but it's your good detective work that's going to solve this case.

  11. I know Conaghan sounds like an easy suspect right now, but something doesn't feel right about this to me. Sure he's a scumbag, and a missing scumbag at that. But were there any real traces of him leaving his apartment on purpose? Or was it abandoned?
    What I'm saying is, if the kids who are going missing are drawing these symbols everywhere before going missing, why would the guy who's taking the kids start drawing 'em everywhere too? Wouldn't be a smart idea.

    It seems like a stretch, with circumstantial evidence mounting up against Conaghan. But what if he's been a victim too? Surely if he was on the run, there'd be SOME trace of him somewhere.

    Speaking of-- does someone who's been on trial for rape three times seem smart enough to add unidentifiable compounds to blood and steal someone out of a GUARDED cell without leaving any evidence? The fact he's never served actual jail time for rape means his lawyers are smart. Not him. He's the one who was caught initially.

    Have you looked into recent cases of missing adults in the area? Maybe this asshole's got a wider range of victims than you think.

  12. Hey, even if Conaghan does sound like an easy suspect, he still sounds worthy of nabbing. Even if there's some kernel of truth to the Slender Man junk being flung around, I'm sure that there are people who would sleep easier if this Conaghan guy was caught...

    Wait, there were more of the same drawings in /Conaghan's/ apartment? Hey, he could have been getting the victims to draw that stuff, planting it or else just showing it to them or something weird like that.

    Anyways, hope that the tea was good! You guys make sure to get up and walk around every once in a while? :P Time for some punching bags (and not in the figurative sort of way!)

  13. What kinda of gets me is that this is all happening around Easter. Was it planned to be that way or coincidence?

  14. It's probably just a coincidence.

  15. This is months late, but: I'd say that a stalker/raper/kidnapper who's capable of snatching people out from police protective custody without leaving a trace merits a state wide emergency.

  16. Kind of have to agree with you there, Matthew.

  17. U guys just role playing or something? Cuz this is obviously a Slenderman attack. no doubt. but problem is: he isn't real. so if this isn't role playing...???